Frequently Asked Questions


How does SOURCE get installed?

 Your SOURCE Installation is in 4 Steps:
1) A SOURCE representative will reach out to you to conduct your site survey
2) Armed with key information, your Certified SOURCE installer will contact you to schedule your installation
3) On installation day your Hydropanels will be assembled, mounted and connected to your tap.
4) We take a 48-hour test and will contact you with a green light to enjoy your SOURCE water. 

What are my dispenser options?

 SOURCE Hydropanels can connect to any dispenser supporting 80 psi. SOURCE connects to:
-A counter hot/cold dispenser
-A designated tap
-Your refrigerator
-A wall mounted bottle filler
-A free standing dispenser

Your Hydropanels can also connect to an existing tap or dispenser, a tap or dispenser you select from us, or a new dispenser you purchase for your array. 

What is the lifespan (lifetime)?

 Your SOURCE Hydropanels have a 15-year life at which point we recommend a detailed service. We expect at that point, some internal parts will need repair or replacement. Your local Certified SOURCE Installer will work with you to make sure this service is taken care of and you always have access to your perfected water. 

What if I have any issues with my Hydropanels?

 On your installation day, you will be given the contact information for your service support team. We offer service in-house and also work with your local Certified SOURCE Installer partners to make sure your array receives immediate attention should it need any servicing. If for any reason you need assistance from us directly, you can reach us at: +234-803-517-3738

Can I store my water?

 Each SOURCE Hydropanel can store 60 bottles’ worth of water - that's five cases of water! You can connect your SOURCE Hydropanels to external storage, but this is not a configuration we currently offer. 

Does SOURCE purify and filter the water it produces?

 SOURCE water starts pure and is made better through mineralization, unlike most water which starts dirty and has to be cleaned. To protect SOURCE water quality, the Hydropanels filter the air before it passes through the system and water is kept clean with ozonation inside the integrated reservoir.