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How it Works?

 Are you a Philanthropist looking for ways of contributing to humanity by donating Source Hydropanels to local communities?

Are you a Government Official looking for ways to make life better for your citizens?

Are you a Business person seeking to solve water needs in your farm, Office complex, factory, Hotel facilities or planing on embarking on other water needing projects?

Are you seeking to solve water challenge for the domestic needs of your family?

We got you covered!!!

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Your SOURCE Hydropanel Installation in four Simple Steps

A SOURCE representative will reach out to you to conduct your site survey

Armed with key information, your Certified SOURCE installer will contact you to schedule your installation  

On installation day your Hydropanels will be assembled, mounted and connected to your tap.

We take a 48-hour test and will contact you with a green light to enjoy your SOURCE water.   

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